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Sunday, December 27, 2009

College Basketball: Week of 12/28

I've been doing a weekly top 30 for college basketball in my opinion, every week.

Here it is this week.

1. Kansas
2. Texas
3. Kentucky
4. Purdue
5. Syracuse
6. West Virginia
7. Duke
8. Villanova
9. North Carolina
10. Kansas State
11. Connecticut
12. Michigan State
13. Washington
14. Clemson
15. Tennessee
16. Georgetown
17. Mississippi State
18. Mississippi
19. Florida State
20. New Mexico
21. Ohio State
22. Northwestern
23. Wisconsin
24. Texas Tech
25. Alabama-Birmingham
26. Georgia Tech
27. Dayton
28. Temple
29. Oklahoma State
30. Brigham Young

Dropped Out: Florida, Texas A&M, UNLV, Missouri State

I really don't understand all the Gonzaga hype. They lost by 35 to Duke...they really shouldn't be in the Top 25 every week.

Games to Watch this Week

#5 Syracuse at Seton Hall- Seton Hall proved to be able to hang with the best teams in the Big East Saturday against West Virginia. Look for the Orange to be tested here.

#24 Texas Tech at #20 New Mexico- The Lobos look to knock off another quality team from a major conference in order to prove the Oral Roberts loss was a fluke.

#11 Connecticut at Cincinnati- The Bearcats have been struggling lately, but have the tools to possibly knock off the inconsistent Huskies.

St. John's at #16 Georgetown- St. John's is better than they have been lately, and Georgetown is looking to prove their critics wrong from the Old Dominion loss with a big conference win here.

#21 Ohio State at #23 Wisconsin- Other than they're overtime loss to Green Bay, Wisconsin has looked like one of the best teams in the Big 10. I expect them to upset the Evan Turner-less Buckeyes at home on New Years Eve.

#6 West Virginia at #4 Purdue- This is the game of the week by a long shot. It matches two of the final six unbeatens in a huge out of conference matchup. Both teams are definate final four contenders and beyond.

#27 Dayton at #20 New Mexico- Two of the best teams in the country from non-power conferences will square off on New Year's Day.

#1 Kansas at #28 Temple- Temple's already knocked off Villanova on their home court. Could they do the same with the #1 team in the country?

Lousiville at #3 Kentucky- Calipari/Pitino in-state rivalry has been anticipated since Calipari was hired at Kentucky. The two coaches share one of the strangest relationships in sports, and their careers have been going in opposite directions this year. Anything can happen in a rivalry like this, so Kentucky's going to need to stay focused in order to stay unbeaten.

#12 Michigan State at #22 Northwestern- Northwestern is the only team from a power conference to never have made it to a NCAA tournament. That should change this year and upsetting the Spartans would help a lot.

Notre Dame at #11 Connecticut- Just because I'll be there. Any Big East game is a good one.

#14 Clemson at #7 Duke- Two of the best teams in the conference square off in the weekly Sunday Night ACC game.

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