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Sunday, April 11, 2010

MLB Power Rankings: 4/12/2010

Power Rankings for Week #2. Impressive weeks for Oakland and Toronto, not so good for Seattle and the Los Angeles teams, but I'm not jumping on any bandwagons quite yet.

1. New York Yankees (4-2)- Looked very impressive winning 2 out of 3 from division rivals Boston and Tampa Bay, even with Mark Teixiera struggling.  LW: 3

2. Philadelphia Phillies (5-1)- Roy Halladay is the best pitcher in baseball, but they need someone to step up as a #2 in order to support their impressive offense. LW: 1

3. Boston Red Sox (3-3)- The Sox offense began to come around, but it was only against Kansas City. They need to have a good series in Minnesota this week to get some momentum. LW: 2

4. St. Louis Cardinals (4-2)- This team is loaded both with pitching and offense. Carpenter hasn't looked particularly sharp though. LW: 4

5. Minnesota Twins (5-2)- Not a bad record heading into their debut at Target Field. If they can take 2 from Boston at home, they'll look like true contenders. LW: 7

6. San Francisco Giants (6-1)- Sweeping the Astros was really not much of an accomplisment, but the Giants proved themselves as a contender against the Braves. LW: 10

7. Colorado Rockies (3-3)- Jorge De La Rosa looked like an absolute stud against San Diego, but the Rockies looked a bit shaky otherwise. LW: 5

8. Detroit Tigers (5-1)- Okay, so they only played Kansas City and Cleveland, but the Tigers took care of business. Ordonez and Cabrera look to be a dominant 3,4 in the lineup. LW: 12

9. Tampa Bay Rays (3-3)- Looked completely overmatched in their series with the Yankees. David Price was about the only bright spot. LW: 8

10. Atlanta Braves (3-3)- Jason Heyward proved he was human, but bounced right back the next day. They need Chipper Jones in the line-up to help arguably the deepest rotation in the league. LW: 6

11. Texas Rangers (3-3)- Their powerful offense seemed to break out a bit Sunday against Seattle. Scott Feldman keeps proving he's a solid top of the rotation guy. LW: 11

12. Florida Marlins (4-2)- Maybe the most impressive week in the league for a team I thought would be mediocre, proving they could challenge for a playoff spot. LW: 20

13. Arizona Diamondbacks (4-2)- My sleeper team of the year is proving that they have quite the potent offense. Wait until they get Brandon Webb back, they're a legit contender. LW: 14

14. Seattle Mariners (2-5)- Seattle needs Cliff Lee to come back ASAP, or their rotation is actually quite weak. Franklin Gutierrez may be an all-star this year though. LW: 9

15. Oakland Athletics (5-2)- Not sure if I'm buying it quite yet, but they were very impressive this week. Brett Anderson is about as good of a young pitcher as there is in the league. LW: 26

16. Milwaukee Brewers (3-3)- Looked impressive as they held their own against two of the best teams in the National League. Need to get some momentum this week on the road in Chicago and Washington LW: 22

17. Los Angeles Dodgers (2-4)- It only get's harder this week as the Dodgers get to host division rivals Arizona and San Francisco. Never good to start off your season losing 2-of-3 to the Pirates LW: 13

18. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (2-4)- May just be too old to compete this year, especially after losing Guerrero, Lackey, and Figgins. LW: 17

19. Chicago Cubs (2-4)- Things are not looking good in the South Side about now. Theriot, A. Ramirez, Soriano and Byrd all hitting under .200 through the first week, and Zambrano doesn't look too hot. LW: 16

20. Cincinnati Reds (3-3)- Mike Leake and Aroldis Chapman are going to make a dominant 1,2 punch in about two or three years. Things are definately only looking up in Cincinnati. LW: 19

21. Toronto Blue Jays (5-1)- Yeah, I'm just not quite buying it yet. Wait til they have to play the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays, and find themselves right back in 4th place. LW: 24

22. Chicago White Sox (2-4)- Ozzie Guillen needs to go. Oh yeah and somebody needs to step up and hit the ball. That too. LW: 18

23. Pittsburgh Pirates (3-3)- Alright, something's telling me that Daniel McCutchen isn't quite a reliable ML pitcher, but Andrew McCutchen is a flat out stud. LW: 29

24. New York Mets (2-4)- When Johan Santana is giving up grand slams to the Washington Nationals in the first innings, you know things aren't going well in Queens. LW: 15

25.Cleveland Indians (2-4)- You never want to go up 5-0 in the first inning against a division rival and lose. Shin Soo Choo needs to start to hit like he did last year. LW: 28

26. Washington Nationals (3-3)- Somehow they managed to escape the week with a .500 record. I still wouldn't be too optimistic in the nation's capital. John Lannan's their #1. LW: 27

27. Kansas City Royals (2-4)- They can't afford to lose any of Grienke's starts even if it is against the Sox, but they got encouraging performances from Hochevar and Davies. LW: 25

28. Houston Astros (0-6)- I really like Brad Mills, but he's probably be better off back on the Red Sox bench. Not a very good start in Houston, to say the least. LW: 21

29. Baltimore Orioles (1-5)- They're this far low because they got swept by the Blue Jays, and I'm not buying the Jays yet. Where's the promising offense we saw at points last year? LW: 23

30. San Diego Padres (2-4)- Good for the Pads, they won two games. That's about two more than I expected, but not enough to get pushed up past the 30 spot. LW: 30

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