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Monday, April 26, 2010

MLB Power Rankings: 4/26/2010

Week #4 Power Rankings:

1. Minnesota Twins (13-6)- Most people probably have Tampa Bay here, but I love everything Minnesota does. The already strong fan base is rejuvenated by the superb new stadium, and there's Joe Mauer. LW: 3

2. Tampa Bay Rays (14-5)- Tampa's absolutely loaded, both with their lineup and pitching staff. Unfortunately for my Red Sox, there's no reason why they should choke again and not make the playoffs. LW: 5

3. New York Yankees (12-6)- It's seriously getting kind of late in the season for Mark Teixiera to be hitting .119, and Javier Vazquez looks shaky at best. LW: 1

4. St. Louis Cardinals (11-7)- Pujols is in a bit of a mini-slump, but finally came out of it with a homer on Sunday. On another note, where the heck was this last year Brad Penny? LW: 4

5. Philadelphia Phillies (11-7)- Somebody besides Halladay is going to need to step up as a #2 pitcher, or else this team may not be playing in October. Their offense isn't THAT good. LW: 2

6. Colorado Rockies (10-9)- Jimenez followed up his no-hit bid with another gem and is cementing himself as an all-star, and possibly Cy Young quality pitcher. Things are looking up in Colorado. LW: 7

7. San Francisco Giants (10-8)- No excuse for getting shut out by Brad Penny, but even with Cain struggling a bit they have arguably the best pitching rotation in baseball. Barry Zito looks close to his Cy Young form from 2001. LW: 6

8. Oakland Athletics (12-8)- I'm starting to think that this team has a chance to do something special. For a team so young, they play really smart, winning quality of baseball, led by 22 year old ace Brett Anderson. LW: 10

9. Florida Marlins (10-9)- Florida had a bit of a tough time in Colorado, but look poised to have a big series at home against San Diego. LW: 8

10. Los Angeles Angels (10-10)- I always like it when a team brings the Yankees back down to Earth by winning 2-out-of-3. Kendry Morales can flat out rake. LW: 17

11. Boston Red Sox (8-11)- Terrible loss against the Orioles on Sunday, but things are starting to look a little better in beantown. They are still going to need to make a big change to compete in the AL East. LW: 12

12. Detroit Tigers (10-9)- Maybe the Tigers knew something didn't when they swapped center fielders with the Yankees. Austin Jackson looks better (and younger) than Curtis Granderson right now. LW: 11

13. San Diego Padres (11-7)- The only reason their so high up is because they've won 8 out of the last 10. I would be shocked if they kept a winning record up for much longer. LW: 26

14. New York Mets (10-9)- Maybe they aren't as bad as I've been giving them credit for. Mike Pelfrey is emerging as an ace to compliment Santana. LW: 25

15. Seattle Mariners (9-10)- Cliff Lee looks to be with the Big club soon, which should propel this team back into conention in the AL West. LW: 14

16. Atlanta Braves (8-10)- The Braves are struggling, Jason Heyward is proving he's human, but I still see this team making a strong push for the playoffs. LW: 9

17. Toronto Blue Jays (10-9)- What a huge series coming up this week for Toronto as they host the struggling Red Sox, as both try to make a case for being team #3 in the AL East. LW: 15

18. Texas Rangers (8-10)- Scott Feldman struggling could be a big downfall for this team. He was one of the most underrated pitchers in baseball last year. LW: 14

19. Chicago Cubs (9-10)- Name to Watch: OF Tyler Colvin. The #13 overall pick in the 2006 draft is hitting the ball real well so far in his first full season in the majors. Could challenge Heyward for ROTY. On another note, the 2006 class is looking real strong so far (Lincecum, Longoria, Bard, Kershaw, Scherzer, Coghlan). Too bad the Rockies took Greg Reynolds with the #2 overall pick.

20. Los Angeles Dodgers (8-10)- The team just can't the ball on the road. No reason why any team should get shut out by Scott Olsen, Tyler Clippard and Matt Capps. LW: 13

21. Arizona Diamondbacks (8-10)- Kelly Johnson lighted up the Phillies, and is adding his name to the list of elite second baseman, a position that has become more and more about offense, thanks to Chase Utley, Robinson Cano, and Dustin Pedroia. LW: 19

22. Washington Nationals (10-9)- Hey, they still have a winning record, and have Strasburg coming up soon.
Former Yankee great Tyler Clippard looks like a stud in the bullpen. LW: 23

23. Cleveland Indians (8-10)- I really, really like Shin Soo Choo, but Cleveland may not have enough talent to compete right now. It's coming though, they did trade away their whole team for prospects last year. LW: 21

24. Houston Astros (8-10)- Wouldn't it be quite a story if the Astros climbed out of an 0-8 whole to make the playoffs. They look real good now, but you still can't ignore the start. LW: 27

25. Milwaukee Brewers (8-10)- The Beermakers, especially Ryan Braun, are hitting the ball pretty well, but their pitching staff has looked mediocre at best. LW:  20

26. Chicago White Sox (8-11). I'm not a big fan of Ozzie Guillen. Hopefully you know that by now. At least Paul Konerko is scoring big for my fantasy team. LW: 28

27. Cincinnati Reds (8-11)- It's really sad but unfortunately the Reds really have nowhere to put their best pitcher (Aroldis Chapman) into the rotation. Aaron Harang, Bronson Arroyo, and Homer Bailey are all stuck in the big leagues, while Mike Leake has been by far their most consistent starter. Their fifth guy, Johnny Cueto, has been their 2nd best despite his 5.73 ERA. I wouldn't be suprised to see Harang, Arroyo, or Bailey to head to the 'pen soon, like Zambrano and Suppan. LW: 24

28. Kansas City Royals (7-11)- They were able to squeeze out a win from Minnesota on Sunday, but don't expect much more from the Royals. Just another year in the cellar for them. LW: 29

29. Pittsburgh Pirates (7-11)- Boy, did the Pirates look bad this week. That is all. LW: 18

30. Baltimore Orioles (3-16)- I think the record speaks for itself. LW: 30

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