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Sunday, April 18, 2010

MLB Power Rankings: 4/19/2010

It's been a bad week for the Red Sox. Enough said. Anyways, here are the power rankings for Week #3

MLB Power Rankings: Week 3

1. New York Yankees (9-3)- They're an excellent baseball team, it's as simple as that. The Yankees have no holes in they're lineup, rotation and bullpen, and without injuries there's no reason this team doesn't win 100 games. LW: 1

2. Philadelphia Phillies (8-4)- The offense kind of disappeared the last two days against Florida, but there's no doubt it will be back. Hamels start today, despite being a loss, was very encouraging. LW: 2

3. Minnesota Twins (9-4)- Minnesota is the clear favorite in the AL Central, and has the pieces to be a serious World Series contender this year. Joe Mauer is one of the best in the game today. LW: 5

4. St. Louis Cardinals (8-4)- Adam Wainwright's a flat-out horse, and is establishing himself as one of the best in the National League. LW: 4

5. Tampa Bay Rays (9-3)- Tampa may have the most pure talent out of any team in baseball, and is making Boston look like a Minor league team. LW: 9

6. San Francisco Giants (8-4)- Timmy Lince showed it off both with his arm and his bat in his last start and is very close to an automatic W every time he goes out. LW: 6

7. Colorado Rockies (6-6)- The Rockies continued to look a bit shaky this week, but I still believe they have the pieces to be a playoff team. Ubaldo Jimenez may have some of the best stuff in baseball. LW: 7

8. Florida Marlins (8-5)- Anytime you take 2 out of 3 in Philly, you've got something good going on. Florida has looked like real contenders so far. LW: 12

9. Atlanta Braves (7-5)- Jason Heyward's walk-off hit just adds to his already legendary story. Next will be leading the ATL to a playoff birth. LW: 10

10. Oakland Athletics (9-5)- It's hard to ignore Oakland's early success so far. Despite the lack of big names, the A's have cemented themselves as the favorites in the fairly weak AL west. LW: 15

11. Detroit Tigers (7-5)- Starting pitching from guys like Verlander and Bonderman is going to need to improve for this team to make the playoffs. LW: 8

12. Boston Red Sox (4-8)- In order to justify this I'd like to point out that they've played the three best teams in the AL so far. That being said, the Sox look like a little league time right now. LW: 3

13. Los Angeles Dodgers (6-6)- Looked impressive taking two out of three from a very good San Francsico team. LW: 17

14. Texas Rangers (5-7)- Getting swept by the Yankees really doesn't mean all that much. Texas will head into a huge series with the Red Sox, another team trying to break out of a slump. LW: 11

15. Toronto Blue Jays (7-6)- They've fallen off a bit, but there's a lot of promise to be seen in Toronto. Ricky Romero and Shaun Marcum anchor a very solid rotation. LW: 21

16. Seattle Mariners (6-7)- Without Cliff Lee, as I've said before, this rotation is nowhere near good enough to make the playoffs, and it's shown. LW: 14

17. Los Angeles Angels (6-7)- The Angels are still not as good as they've been in the past, but Mike Scioscia may still pull some magic with this team. LW: 18

18. Pittsburgh Pirates (7-5)- Suprise team of the year, maybe? I don't know, but the Bucs are finding ways to win games, something they aren't quite accustomed to. LW: 23

19. Arizona Diamondbacks (5-7)- I still like this team, but they strike out way too much right now. Brandon Webb's gonna need to come back strong to get back in the race. LW: 13

20. Milwaukee Brewers (5-7)- I'm quite confused by there offense, as they failed to score a run off of Livan Hernandez just one day before Jason Marquis failed to get an out against them. LW: 16

21. Cleveland Indians (6-6)- Nobody expected this team to be at .500 this late into the season. They actually looked quite good against division rival Chicago. I think Choo heard me call him out. LW: 25

22. Chicago Cubs (5-7)- Ew, losing two in a row to Houston is never a great way to end the week. That being said, they did take 2 out of 3 from Milwaukee. LW: 19

23. Washington Nationals (6-6)- I'm not jumping on the bandwagon too soon, but this team's got the lineup to contend. They do not, though, have the pitching staff.....yet (Strasburg). LW: 26

24. Cincinnati Reds (5-8)- They need to call up Aroldis Chapman. The guy's a flat-out stud, no questions asked. LW: 20

25. New York Mets (4-8)- It's really quite sad that they needed to use Francisco Rodriguez and Mike Pelfrey to beat the Cardinals when Joe Mather was pitching. LW: 24

26. San Diego Padres (6-6)- They're doing quite the job shutting me up. The Pads aren't making the playoffs, but they probably aren't the worst team in baseball either. LW: 30

27. Houston Astros (3-9)- Anyone with a baseball brain knew this team wasn't as bad as their 0-8 star seemed, and they seem to be headed in the right direction. LW: 28

28. Chicago White Sox (4-9)- It's amazing how a team can get so bad, so quick. I may be underrating them a bit considering the weapons the do have in their lineup, but right now they're right there with the worst in the MLB. LW: 22

29. Kansas City Royals (5-7)- Impressive that they took 2 out of 3 in Detroit, but I still don't see enough talent to get out of the cellar.

30. Baltimore Orioles (2-11)- They look like nothing more than a slump buster for the Red Sox this weekend.  LW: 29

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